Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am not the kind to get star struck. I have met many famous people and yet I don't get giddy, nor do I freak out... I truly believe that celebrities have chosen a different life path and are still humans who put on their underwear just like we do!

Last night I was at The Abbey in West Hollywood with Joe Granish and the 'ITalian' and I walked by Matt Lucas, creator and star of Little Britain & Little Britain USA, without any hesitation I said to him as I walked by "I am a really big fan of yours and really admire all your work, thank you." After I passed him up and caught up with the boys at the bar I asked Joe if he still had his camera - NO, I couldn't do it! Matt was at a bar relaxing and I didn't want to bug... HOLY CRAP, I BECAME STAR STRUCK!!

I argued back and forth of whether or not I should walk back up to him and ask for a photo but I decided to let it go and just retain the memory without a photo - unfortunately. If you aren't fully aware of who Matt and all his wonderfulness is check out the YouTube clip below of him on Little Britain playing Vicky Pollard - the original one!

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