Saturday, November 1, 2008


I turned on my television today and saw this actor Danny Pino on a show called Cold Case and was EXTREMELY impressed - what do you think? He also played Desi Arnaz for a CBS special called "Lucy: The Lucille Ball Story" If you weren't previously aware of Danny check out his Wikipedia info below... HOT!!!

Daniel "Danny" Pino (born on 15 April 1974 in Miami, Florida, U.S.) is an American actor of Cuban descent, currently appearing on the TV series Cold Case. In May of 2003, Pino had played Desi Arnaz in a CBS special on the life of Lucille Ball, Lucy: The Lucille Ball Story. Pino attended Miami Coral Park senior high school and graduated class of 93'. Pino went on to attend Florida International University graduating in 1996, where he was also a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. One of his most riveting performances was as Mexican drug lord, rapist, and gang leader Armadillo Quintero on the cable drama series The Shield. The character is notorious for the rape of a rival gang leader's girlfriend, the rape of the child sister of someone who was going to testify, burning his victims to death, and dealing heroin samples to grade school kids. Danny has also appeared in The Lost City, which was directed by Andy Garcia and featured Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray. He is also in the movie Flicka which featured Tim McGraw. Danny also appeared in one episode of CSI: NY in a crossover with Cold Case.
Pino and his wife, Lilly, have two sons — Luca Daniel, born February 15, 2006, and Julian Franco, born June 5, 2007. [1]
He worked for Roxy Productions touring on Baby Faire and was a part of the Roxy Performing Arts Center in Miami where his niece and nephews take drama classes.

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