Tuesday, November 4, 2008


performer: Casey Stratton
song: On and On

When it comes to openly gay artists in music I have my favorites, among those I follow religiously are Levi Cross, Cazwell, and Casey Stratton.

Today I am going to focus on Casey Stratton and his new album that came out this year "Orbit." Besides from being world's away from what any other gay artist is producing nowadays, his new album follows the same as previous albums, and this isn't a bad thing. I have all of Stratton's old material, but I had no idea that "Orbit" had hit iTunes more than six months ago - shame on me, bad Casey Stratton fan!!

While I previously worked at Cybersocket Magazine I often reviewed his material and wasn't shy about calling him a "living diva." Of course his manager didn't care for that depiction of him - I'm sorry, I can't help the fact that his voice beckons visions of Sarah McClachlan, Tori Amos, Regina Spektor and other female songstresses that have that seductive, sensual voice like Casey.

Although I haven't heard Casey's entire new album yet but one track that has already struck me as one of the best engineered songs he has ever produced is "On and On." If you enjoy timeless songs that have a current central theme as well as raw emotion than this track and his previous albums are well worth your purchase.

My apologies but there is not a version of "On and On" on the YouTube site so your best bet is to log onto the following tiny url site: Casey Stratton's Site and preview all of the songs on the new album. Instead, I decided to put a song that is dedicated to any Tori fan out there - I'm not one fyi. I think Casey kills this song - in a good way, and it reminds me of my high school girl friends who used to adore Tori. Oh, it also reminds me of Jason Sechrest who also worships Tori. Overall I hope this post has paid off for you and Casey has a few new fans...

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fatenoir said...

my friend dated him.

please remove the jukebox :(


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